Quality Assurance

A stringent Quality Assurance (QA) system has been put in place to evaluate all processes at each step of manufacturing to maintain good quality consistently. QA department is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced staff comprising of scientists, chemists and engineers who work round-the-clock.

Quality Control

  • Material testing is carried out as per the ASTM standards
  • Mutually defined Quality Agreements with customers form the basis for dispatching material
  • Customer feedback analysis is carried out based on Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) method
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is carried out for each product
  • Sample retention policy:
    1. Quantity per lot: 500Gms
    2. Retention time: One year from date of production
  • Laboratory is well equipped for quality testing. Key Instruments are listed below:
Sr. No. Properties Equipment Make
1 Moisture Moisture Analyzer Mettler Toledo
2 Particle Size Particle Size Analyzer Beckman Coulter
3 Tensile Stregnth, Elongation, Compressive Strength,
Shear Strength, Flexural Strength, Tensile Modulus,
Compressive Modulus and Shear Modulus, Flexural
Modulus and Coefficient of Friction
Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Instron
4 Specific Gravity of plastic materials Specific Gravity Balance Essae / Mettler Toledo/ A & D Instruments Ltd.
5 IR Spectroscopic Analysis of organic materials Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Jasco
6 Thermal characteristic of polymeric materials Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC) TA Instruments & Perkin Elmer
7 Thermal characteristic of Polymeric Materials Thermal Mechanical Analyser (TMA) TA Instruments
8 Degradation behaviour and filler content in polymers Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) TA Instruments
9 Fold endurance of plastic materials Flex Tester Tinius Olsen
10 Hardness of hard plastic materials Hardness Tester Shore-D Precision Instrument
  • QA department is also responsible for quality inspection of incoming raw materials and packaging materials

Typical Formats of Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Each batch is tested and a separate COA is issued with detailed properties.

Certificates of Analysis click to view

Granular PTFE Resins Format of COA ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015
Fine Powder PTFE Resins Format of COA ISO 14001:2015 ISO 14001:2015
Aqueous Dispersions PTFE Format of COA ISO 45001:2018 ISO 45001:2018
PFA Powder Format of COA IATF 16949:2016 IATF 16949:2016
PFA Pellet Format of COA - -
PFA Aqueous Dispersion Format of COA - -
FEP Powder Format of COA - -
FEP Pellet Format of COA - -
FEP Aqueous Dispersion Format of COA - -